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You're about to take the best deodoraboto on a life-changing test run


  • What causes body odour?

    The human armpit provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria with its warm, dark and moist environment. Noice. When some species of bacteria on the surface of the skin break down the fatty acids and proteins in sweat they produce smelly compounds that create your angry aroma. Aluminium-based deodorants work by blocking the sweat pores and so limit the moist environment for the bacteria to operate, trapping the sweat and its toxins inside the body. Blocking the sweat glands sometimes leads to irritated or swollen skin. Other deodorants with bicarb soda or magnesium hydroxide or alcohol in them change the acid level of the skin which stops the bacteria and can cause damage to the skin by disrupting the skin’s natural protective acid layer. Lavilin works on the odour-causing bacteria while conditioning the skin and does not clog pores.

  • How long does each application of Lavilin deodorant cream last?

    Lavilin Deodorant Cream can keep you odour-free for up to 7 days, although this depends on each individual. Lavilin is so effective because it contains ingredients that neutralise bad odour at the source and lasting time varies depending on how long it takes each person’s odour-causing bacteria to repopulate. People last anywhere from a few days to over a week.

  • Can I still shower every day?

    Showering and swimming will not affect the effectiveness of Lavilin. Even washing under the arms with soap is not a problem. We recommend a soap-free body wash to help maintian a good pH balance on the skin, and best to avoid harsh scrubbing to maintain the integrity of the skin.

  • Does Lavilin Deodorant Cream stop you sweating?

    Lavilin Deodorant Cream is not an antiperspirant so you still sweat as normal. Sweating is good for your health. It not only effectively discharges toxins, maintains the health of the immune system, inhibits acne, but also regulates body temperature. When antiperspirants use aluminium salt or other chemical ingredients to inhibit sweating, the excretion in the sweat cannot flow out. The toxins then accumulate in the glands, and enter the blood circulation again, which may affect the health of the body. Lavilin deodorants do not interfere with the normal function of the sweat glands, so you can have healthy peace of mind.

  • What makes Lavilin Deodorant Cream so effective?

    Lavilin uses a unique blend of herbal extracts with a zinc base enriched with probiotics to target the odour-causing bacteria and promote the health of the skin. Castor seed oil, chamomile, arnica, calendula and Vitamin E are included in just the right amounts for all their wonderful benefits.

  • What is the difference between the different varieties of Lavilin Deodorant Creams?

    All of the Underarm Deodorant Creams are the same effective formula but only differ in their super mild scent. The Sport cream is slightly stronger and the Women’s cream is the mildest, but all scent disappears soon after applying, leaving a non-smell. The Foot Deodorant Cream is also the same formula but is slightly more concentrated and targets those more hardy odour-causing bacteria.

  • Why haven't I heard of this miracle cream before?

    Although Lavilin has been available on the international market for over 40 years, received awards and been marketed in other countries, the Total Odour Protection range hasn’t been available locally in Australia until the last few years. You’re welcome!

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