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Free shipping on all Lavilin products except the single jars of deodorant creams, from lavilin.com.au unless you choose an express post or for sample orders, you select a tracked envelope.

On sample orders, we’ll send one text message 2 weeks after your order to your mobile to make sure the sample order has arrived safely.

We only post to Australia and New Zealand addresses.

Orders will be sent out with Australia Post on the same day or next business day of purchase.  In general,  deliveries of larger packages arrive within 2-3 days, however Australia Post is not guaranteeing this under current high-volume times.  Smaller envelopes of the sample sachets can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and tend to take longer than the larger packages and are mostly untracked.

All parcels of full-sized products are tracked within the Australia Post network.

Parcels may be left unattended at the delivery address when marked “Authority to Leave” or “ATL” if the delivery provider deems it safe to do so. Livin Bio Balance Pty Ltd holds no responsibility for goods left unattended at a delivery address when the parcel is marked “ATL”.

Unsuccessful deliveries may sometimes be taken to the nearest Australia Post Office for collection if they are not left at the intended address.

We rely upon the delivery details provided by the customer. If an item is not accepted for delivery the parcel will be returned to Livin Bio Balance Pty Ltd.


The team at Livin Bio Balance Pty Ltd brings you Lavilin cosmetics in the knowledge that we are providing the highest quality products.

However, if the product does not arrive in a satisfactory condition or in the rare case that the product is not effective for you, please email the team at Livin Bio Balance.  If the product is not effective and you would like a full refund after contacting the team at Livin Bio Balance, you will be required to return the product to Livin Bio Balance Pty Ltd within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Please note: refunds are not available for sample orders.

When informing the team at Livin Bio Balance please send an email to [email protected] with the problem you are having with the product.  When returning the product for a full refund, please mail your return purchase to:

Livin Bio Balance Pty Ltd • 21b Marilyn Pde, Green Point NSW 2251

Return postage is at the cost of the customer.

Please include your original sales receipt or proof of purchase from LIVIN BIO BALANCE PTY LTD THROUGH LAVILIN.COM.AU and a brief note as to why the product was unsatisfactory. Livin Bio Balance will refund the cost of the product to you within 30 days.

Livin Bio Balance Pty Ltd will not be held accountable for any lost items returned in the post, these items must be tracked by the customer.

But wait

Before deciding that the product doesn’t work for you, please consider the following and contact the Lavilin team for assistance:

  • Sometimes it may take a bit longer for a previous deodorant to wear off your skin.  This may result in particularly strong B.O. which might make you think your Lavilin isn’t working. Give it at least a week, possibly two weeks of everyday use. If a previous deodorant was alcohol-based or sodium bicarbonate / magnesium hydroxide-based, then the skin will need a longer time to heal the natural protective layer that gets stripped away and damaged by these ingredients. Lavilin deodorants are much gentler on the skin and have to work extra hard to keep the odour-causing bacteria under control. Please contact the team at Lavilin Australia for further tips for getting it to settle in.
  • Keep in mind you still only need a tiny smudge of product for each application. Less is more!
  • Sometimes skin needs an extended period of rest time to give it a chance to start healing back to normal levels without interference from any product, and individual times may vary depending on what your skin has been previously subjected to.
  • In some cases the Lavilin team may also recommend trying the Foot Deodorant cream to help with the settling in process. It is exactly the same ingredients as the underarm creams but very slightly more concentrated and can help in the rebalancing of the more stubborn odour-causing bacteria.
  • If, after all this, Lavilin still doesn’t keep your stench at bay, we will refund your money in full. This is only the case with a small percentage of people who use Lavilin deodorants.

Please note that Livin Bio Balance Pty Ltd, the Australian distributors of Lavilin Total Odour Protection, will not be held responsible should any allergic reactions occur. 

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