Why You Should Be Using Natural Body Wash

Why You Should Be Using Natural Body Wash

Today, one of the most important topics on our minds is the environment. The damage we have already done to it and the consequential results we are seeing through wild fires, flooding and animal extinctions are making more and more people aware of just how many chemicals and toxins we have and still are, leaching into our planet.

Aside from the huge global companies and industries that we have no control over, the ever-growing population also plays its part. Many people don’t even realise how many of the products they buy are full of harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients that neither our bodies, nor the environment can break down and get rid of.

When we shower or bathe, whatever products we use will be washed into the environment, so by choosing natural body washes, shampoos and cleaning products, you are doing your little bit to help the world you live in.

Does An All-Natural Body Wash Work As Well As A Conventional One?

Absolutely! All-natural body washes are derived from natural ingredients, meaning they are more gentle on your skin and the environment. They are free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulphates and phthalates, which can be related to a variety of problems from dry, itchy skin right through to cancers.

Traditional body washes use these harsh chemicals and preservatives to give them a longer shelf life by inhibiting the growth of bacteria or mould, to create that foamy lather we all expect from our shower gels and to help carry the synthetic fragrances that give these body washes the strong smell that we associate with cleanliness.

The truth is that a natural body wash works with your body because it uses nourishing and hydrating natural herbal ingredients that delicately cleanse and clean your body, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky, and the delicate, natural fragrances are far preferable to the false, strong scents created by chemicals!

Because they use plant-based ingredients, choosing all-natural body washes means there is less impact on the environment as they use sustainably sourced natural ingredients and don’t contain harsh chemicals or harmful toxins.

Small Changes…

Caring about what you put on your skin, or the skin of your family and children should be important to you. More people than ever today have skin allergies and similar complaints that they just can’t get rid of. Switching to an all-natural body wash may not be the cure, but it will certainly help. Plants have some of the best natural moisturizers, anti-inflammatory properties and soothing qualities there are, without all the damaging and harmful effects that synthetic chemicals can produce. They are a great option for people with sensitive skin, and will have no unwanted side effects unlike other creams and potions you may use.

Whether you are concerned for yourself and your family, or for the wider world, choosing to switch to a greener lifestyle is something everybody should consider doing. And today it’s never been easier. There is a lot of information out there and a huge array of natural products available. As more and more people say NO to chemicals, and make a switch to more natural ingredients, we push companies to produce more sustainable products. Choosing to buy a natural body wash in Australia says a lot about you. We love the outdoor life, so let’s keep ourselves and the outdoors healthy!

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