Roll-On Deodorant

Total Odor Protection: A Deodorant Roll Like No Other

Natural, effective, and long-lasting. These are the three triumphs of our iconic sport roll-on deodorant. With the global focus on health reaching an all-time high, it’s becoming increasingly likely that you or someone close to you (you know who we’re talking about) can easily stink out a room after a morning run. It’s perfectly natural! However, it is also totally avoidable if you invest in a workout-proof herbal deodorant like Lavilin. You might have used our best-selling deodorant stick for a similar purpose, and now you can top up your odour protection in a flash with our roll-on Deodorant! Read More

When it comes to ingredients in deodorant for sensitive skin, we’re revolutionising the market. Far too many roll-on deodorants in Australia are packed with strong chemicals and unhealthy components like ethanol, parabens and BHT. Instead of following the flock, we decided to provide Australia with a natural, healthy alternative that actually lasts much longer than the average competitor! Our sport-focused deodorant roll can last multiple days, even with regular showering, providing you with fresh armpits and a real confidence boost whether you’re working out in public or in the comfort of your own home. When applying your deodorant each roll-on can last months depending on how much you use, so you’ll be saving money and adding a healthy hygiene product to your new routine.

A Deodorant Roll, Tried and Tested by Yours Truly

Lavilin Total Odour Protection is proudly distributed by Livin Bio Balance, an Aussie-owned business run straight out of glorious NSW. As a family, we discovered the magic of Lavilin after returning from living in Madagascar. As dreamy as it sounds, the climate was causing some pungent problems among the smellier members of the family. Incredibly, Lavilin had us coming out of the surf smelling fresh day after day, so we knew we had to share this hero product with our community back in Australia.

Is a Roll-On Deodorant Safe for Use on Sensitive Skin?

Today’s synthetic and overly processed ingredients can be harsh on those with more sensitive skin, which is why we are so proud to introduce products that suit everyone. Our natural roll-on deodorant is perfectly safe for those suffering from conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and the product works just as well as it would on “normal” skin. We avoid the harsh chemicals that often irritate and worsen these conditions, and many of the herbal ingredients we use have been known to reduce inflammation and protect the acid layer of the skin. You can move freely without stress thanks to Lavilin.

Deodorant You Can Roll On, Helping Your Body do What it Does Best

While our Lavilin roll-on deodorant works to protect you from embarrassment and discomfort, it can also help your body release toxins naturally. Instead of blocking pores or tightening delicate underarm skin, our light and natural formula helps to minimise bacterial growth while stimulating the natural detox processes that take place in sweaty areas. Sweat is part of being human, and blocking that process leads to a build-up of toxins. Lavilin’s aluminium free deodorant lets the body breathe out harmful chemicals while preventing the build-up of odour. You truly get the best of both worlds!