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Lavilin deodorant is a herbal deodorant which lasts up to 7 days on one application and is now made available by LavilinStraya for all us Aussies. Imagine that. Body odour-free for up to a week. This herbal deodorant really works. It was developed for armed forces and is aluminium-free. Lavilin brings much-needed relief to the parents of teenagers and the colleagues of co-workers who are on the nose or anyone who suffers from the basic human condition of body odour. We’re glad you found us.

natural deodorant that works
aluminium free deodorant that works
natural deodorant that actually works



This incredible herbal deodorant that is kind to your body stops body odour for days. Lavilin is available in three kinds: men, women and sport. The only difference is a change to the subtle fragrances so you can still use aftershave or perfume.



What’s worse than body odour? Foot odour that can wipe out a whole village. Apply Lavilin foot cream to your feet after a shower and you’ll no longer clear the room when you kick off your shoes. Your loved ones will thank you.

“I’m a plumber and always had the worst body odour. Eventually, it was my wife who put a pot of Lavilin next to my razor and gave me ‘the look’. This stuff is a miracle. I dab it on after a shower on a Sunday night and I’m sweet smelling for the rest of the week. Things took off in the bedroom, just sayin.” Rick, Mermaid Beach, QLD

“My son hit the stinks at age 14. I have never whiffed anything like it. He would spray himself with chemical deodorant but that didn’t last until lunchtime. Lavilin is the best because he only puts it on every four or five days which is about as often as I can get him to have a shower. Teenagers, man.” Lucy, Coogee Beach NSW





Body odor sucks man
Body odour blues 

If you can smell your own body odour, then the people around you have been smelling it for hours. And it’s really only your mum or your bestie who will tell you that you reek. Don’t leave it to your boss or Jan from HR to break it to you. That’s too awkward for words.

Body odour is caused by a specific bacteria. If you treat those bacteria like an enemy of the people, you shall be sweet-smelling. The key to killer odour protection is about embracing your body’s processes, and not shutting down your natural systems, clogging pores, irritating the skin or using potentially harmful ingredients.

Lavilin has got you covered 

Lavilin was developed over 50 years ago for the armed forces: soldiers in close quarters reeking of body odour. Now, for the first time, Lavilin Total Odour Protection is available locally in Australia in three kinds: men, women and sport. The only difference is a change to the subtle fragrance so you can still use aftershave or perfume.

Money back guarantee • aluminium free • paraben free • cruelty-free • natural-based deodorant that works • herbal formula to murder the body-odour causing bacteria • lasts for up to 7 days • save Jan from HR from having to point out you need a B.O solution.

Take a whiff of these FAQs

What causes B.O?

The human armpit provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria with its warm, dark and moist environment. Noice. When the bacteria on the surface of the skin break down the fatty acids and proteins in sweat they produce smelly compounds that create your angry aroma. Aluminium-based deodorants work by blocking the sweat pores and so limit the moist environment for the bacteria to operate, trapping the sweat and its toxins inside the body. Blocking the sweat glands sometimes leads to irritated or swollen skin. Other deodorants with bicarb soda in them change the acid level of the skin which stops the bacteria and also causes damage to the skin by disrupting the skin’s natural protective layer. Lavilin works on the odour-causing bacteria while replenishing the good bacteria on the skin, conditioning the skin and does not clog pores.

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How long does Lavilin deodorant cream last?

Lavilin Deodorant Cream can keep you odour-free for up to 7 days, although this depends on each individual. Lavilin is so effective because it contains ingredients that neutralise bad odour at the source and lasting time varies depending on how long it takes each person’s odour-causing bacteria to repopulate.

Some people get more than a week odour free from one application of Lavilin, while others find they need to reapply after four or five days. We have customers in hot, sweaty Darwin who get 6 days out of Lavilin, while other customers range anywhere from 3 – 15 days.  After about 3 months Lavilin should start to last longer. Many of our customers who started off at 3 days now last 6 to 7 days on one application. Yew beauty.

Can I still shower every day?

Showering and swimming will not affect the effectiveness of Lavilin. Even washing under the arms with soap is not a problem. We recommend a soap free body wash to help maintian a good pH balance on the skin. Shaving under the pits will also not affect Lavilin from working. This wonder cream saves time and money. Lavilin is a perfect product for parents with teenagers who have sensory issues. A deodorant application once a week is a reason to cheer and get on with the important things in life.

What is the secret ingredient in Lavilin deodorant cream?

Lavilin uses patented bio-balancing technology to neutralise the bacteria that causes B.O. With a zinc base, it includes the use of probiotics and a mixture of other natural herbal ingredients from plants to nourish and soothe. At the same time, Lavilin does not interfere with the normal function of the sweat glands and is free of ethanol alcohol, aluminium, parabens, paraben preservatives, and phthalates.

Why do teenagers sometimes smell like road kill?

The new hormones which flood a teenager’s body cause an increase in sweat for adolescents. During puberty, these hormones cause a different type of gland—primarily under the arms and in the groin area—to produce oils in addition to sweat. It is the bacteria breaking down oily teenager sweat under the arms and in the groin area that produce particularly pungent body odour.

Smelly feet have a different cause. Socks and shoes retain moisture allowing bacteria and yeast to grow on feet, causing a different type of bad smell.

See the blog for more info here.

Does Lavilin deodorant cream stop you sweating?

Lavilin Deodorant Cream is not an antiperspirant. Sweating is good for your health. It not only effectively discharges toxins, maintains the health of the immune system, inhibits acne, but also regulates body temperature. When antiperspirants use aluminium salt or other chemical ingredients to inhibit sweating, the excretion in the sweat cannot flow out. The toxins then accumulate in the glands, and enter the blood circulation again, which may affect the health of the body. Lavilin deodorants do not interfere with the normal function of the sweat glands, so you can have healthy peace of mind.

How long will one small jar of Lavilin last me?

One small jar of deodorant cream will last for about 12 months if used sparingly according to the directions. This makes Lavilin a much cheaper option than most other deodorants on the market.  See our instructions for use where you will learn how less is more with Lavilin and how to make it work for you.

Will Lavilin deodorant cream stain my clothes?

Absolutely not! Another bonus of this product is because you use such a tiny amount, it stays on the skin and will not affect your clothing. No more goopy messy deodorants to ruin your clothes: hooray!

Why haven't I heard of this miracle before?

Although Lavilin has been available on the international market for over 40 years, received awards and been marketed in other countries, it hasn’t been available locally in Australia until now! 

What are you waiting for?

We’re not sure either. Get to it & Shop!

A cure for teenage body odour
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