About Us

Lavilin Total Odour Protection is brought to you by Livin Bio Balance Pty Limited, an Aussie-owned company based on the NSW Central Coast, north of Sydney.

We are Peter and Kara Schaffler and we heard about Lavilin in 2017 when we were on the hunt for a natural deodorant for one stinking member of the family. We won’t say who, but his name rhymes with Peter.

It seemed too good to be true to find a herbal-based aluminium-free deodorant which actually worked. But it didn’t just work – it lasts for up to seven days even when you’re swimming and showering daily. We were so sold on Lavilin that we negotiated with the manufacturers to secure the Australian distribution rights to bring the product range to all the stinkers in Australia.

Peter and Kara Schaffler

Before we were distributing total odour protection in Australia, we lived in Madagascar where the waves are perfect and the lemurs curious. We worked with youth and ran a surf school there. Now we are back in Australia, solving B.O. problems. Lavilin keeps Peter smelling fresh for four or five days and it lasts for more than a week on Kara. Our teenage son reapplies every six days.

Lavilin was developed during World War II for the armed forces living in close quarters. More than seventy years on, Lavilin remains the only commercial deodorant product which is waterproof for up to seven days.

Lavilin Total Odour Protection has been a hit in other regions including Russia, Western Europe, Northern America and South Africa. It’s our pleasure to bring Lavilin to Australia as its sole distributor.

Every Lavilin product complies with stringent quality standards and undergoes comprehensive testing. Lavilin’s laboratory conducts quality and microbiology tests for raw materials and finished products alike. Chic-Hlavin holds ECOCERT, GMP 22716:2007, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 13485:2003 (medical devices) certification.