Why You Should Be Using Aluminium-Free Deodorant

Why You Should Be Using Aluminium-Free Deodorant

Now, more than ever, people like you are concerned about the nasty chemical ingredients in our beauty products. There are many natural alternatives on the market, and the list of clean beauty products grows larger by the day.

In a world where so many choices are available, relying on the same old deodorant – full of ingredients we can only dream of pronouncing – seems unnecessary.

There is a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorant is specifically used as a way to reduce body odour, while antiperspirants are designed to decrease the amount you can sweat. Many products have a dual action, being both heavily scented and filled with pore-blocking aluminium salts.

The benefits to your body and the environment, when you switch to aluminium-free deodorant, are not insignificant.

Why Deodorant Without Aluminium Is Better For Your Health

Research is still ongoing into the links between aluminium and chronic health concerns, however, the effect aluminium has on the surface of your skin is undisputed.

Aluminium salts in your products block your pores to prevent your body from sweating. And while this underarm dryness is aesthetically pleasing to some, your body sweats for a reason. Sweat regulates your temperature, it’s 100% natural and good for your body. Body odour arises when the bacteria on your skin mixes with sweat, creating a unique scent that you may wish to prevent.

Using a natural deodorant without aluminium helps combat body odour without interrupting your body or preventing it from working as intended.

Those who have made the switch to natural deodorants have noted that there is a detox period as your body adjusts to the new product. As the aluminium salts wash away from your pores, some experience a week or 2 of increased sweating.

Rather than reach for your old aluminium products, give your body time to work through the detox. After this phase, sweating typically decreases and your skin microbiome will reestablish the perfect balance.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Aluminium-Free Deodorant In Australia

Many people are now choosing natural ingredients over an excessive number of unnecessary chemicals. And with natural deodorants widely available, it may just be the force of habit that keeps us reaching for those aluminium-filled containers.

One of the main reasons people switch to natural deodorants is that they are largely cruelty-free and organic. Many are untested on animals and are plant-based, using sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients.

Aluminium-free deodorant in Australia often contain far fewer harsh chemicals overall, making it significantly less likely to irritate your skin. There is a wide range of scents available, but the oils are typically not as concentrated – or intense. So if you have an allergy to either aluminium or strong scents in products, this could be a life-changing switch.

However, there are some potential downsides to aluminium-free products. They will not reduce the amount you perspire. Perspiration is good for your skin biome, but when it’s visibly noticeable it can cause embarrassment. Many natural deodorants use skin-kind ingredients to absorb sweat, unlike aluminium which forcefully stops it.

If you find you perspire more than your deodorant can absorb, you can reapply more often. This may be an inconvenience, but it ensures your body functions are intact without blocking pores and disrupting your microbiome.

Other Benefits Of Natural Deodorants

Aluminium isn’t the only ingredient in the spotlight. Parabens, phthalates, and propylene glycol are among the vast number of ingredients people are turning away from. Clean beauty emphasises the switch to natural, organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly ingredients. Paraben-free deodorant in Australia is increasing in popularity as the beauty trends tend towards cleaner, safer ingredients in the products we support.

If you’re interested in aluminium-free and paraben-free deodorant in Australia, take a look at our clean and natural deodorants that are safe for your body and the environment too.

Why avoid commercial deodorants:

  • Full of harmful chemicals
  • Tend to contain aluminium (linked to Alzeimer’s Disease & Breast Cancer)
  • Leave you with yellow underarm stains
  • Masks your pheromones
  • Lasts less than a day

Why choose Lavilin:

  • Allows for pheromones to be free
  • Lasts up to 7 days with one application
  • One tub lasts up to a year
  • No yellow pit stains
  • Cruelty free
  • No nasties
  • Lasts longer than any other commercial deodorant
  • You can put it to the test and test a FREE sample!
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