Aluminium Free Deodorant

While we celebrate the human need to sweat, we don’t want stinking out a room to become the norm! That is why we are so proud of what our aluminium free deodorant cream can do! It’s a totally workout-proof deodorant, and incredibly, it can last for up to a week. Read More

Total Odour Protection with Aluminium Free Deodorant

Whether you’re new to the magic of Lavilin products or a die-hard fan, our natural deodorant underarm cream is a must-have. Modern life is a high-speed chase, and people everywhere are focusing on their health to ensure they’ve got what it takes to keep up. This means that more and more people around the world are struggling to keep their body odour at bay between workouts.

When it comes to using quality ingredients, our Lavilin products go beyond being the best aluminium free deodorant in Australia can get its hands on. Our roll-on deodorant has a base formula of natural ingredients, prepared thoughtfully to maximise the benefits of skin-protecting herbs and minerals. We avoid harsh chemicals, so you can use this aluminium free deodorant product confidently knowing your sensitive underarm skin isn’t coming into contact with ethanol, BHT or any other damaging ingredients. Lavilin is also free of animal testing, helping communities step away from unethical products.

Aluminium Free Deodorant, Tried and Tested by Yours Truly

Livin Bio Balance is proud to be Australia’s only distributor of Lavilin non-aluminium deodorant. We’re a family-run business that discovered the incredible long-lasting waterproof properties of Lavilin while operating a surf school in stunning Madagascar. As you can imagine, this was active work, and some of the more fragrant members of our family were struggling to stay fresh, even when hopping in and out of the water. Once we started using Lavilin products such as their natural body wash, we never looked back. We were amazed to see, and smell, those closest to us stepping out of the surf smelling as fresh as they did before they went in! No matter how humid it got, and no matter how hard we worked, we could move with confidence knowing Lavilin's deodorant stick was keeping us smelling great for up to a week after our initial application! Whether your skin is sensitive or not, this is a paraben-free deodorant Australia needs to get its hands on!

Just How Beneficial is Lavilin Non-Aluminium Deodorant?

When we consider the daily application of the usual chemical elements common deodorants contain, it’s no wonder many people suffer from sensitive underarms. This can be so much worse for people who experience discomfort from conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, which is why we have made sure our deodorant without aluminium is as kind and gentle as possible, without losing its staying power. Vitamin E, chamomile and castor oil leave the skin nourished, and the vital protective acid layer undamaged, while your body releases toxins naturally, but without the smell! Your skin can breathe easy with Lavilin.

Your Body Deserves the Best Paraben Free Deodorant in Australia

As we’ve said before, sweating is entirely natural. Using a harsh deodorant can stop your body from releasing toxins as it is supposed to, but Lavilin cream deodorants are perfect for sensitive skin. They are tailor-made to suit different skin types and different levels of activity, so whatever your speed, your body can do exactly what it’s supposed to, without the embarrassment of body odour. No greasy stains, and no itchy or dry armpits. Just results that last.

Is Aluminium Free Deodorant for Women Suitable for Everyone?

While we might be prone to hyperbole on the odd occasion, this stuff really is as good as we say it is. Sensitive underarms impact millions of people worldwide, and it’s no wonder it’s such a problem considering all the harmful ingredients most deodorants contain. People who suffer from dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions find it even harder to get their hands on a comfortable aluminium free deodorant for women that’s vegan. That is why we made sure Lavilin has been clinically proven to be safe for use by people with very sensitive underarms. You only need to apply a little bit once every few days, so you don’t need to keep irritating the skin with constant contact. Meanwhile, castor oil, arnica and chamomile are among the ingredients helping to keep the protective layer of your skin in the best condition. Why keep this magic to yourself? Build your bundle and share the love today. Read Less