Natural Deodorant Paste

You need a long lasting deodorant that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Whether you are heading for a workout, a barbecue with friends, chasing around after the kids or simply on your way to the office, body odour won’t be a problem. Read More

Say Goodbye to Body Odour With Lavilin Deodorant Paste

Body odour. It’s something we have all experienced at some stage but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable. How often have you been going about your day and realised that your pits are smelling far from pleasant? An essential bodily function, sweating is a healthy part of life and it helps to regulate your body temperature. But rest assured that sweat and body odour don’t have to come hand in hand. With our natural deodorant paste, your body can sweat as it needs to without the worry of BO.

So how does it work?

deodorant roll's are changing the industry and our deodorant paste provides results like no other. Body odour occurs when your sweat reacts with the bacteria on your skin. By neutralising the odour that is emitted, the often unpleasant smell is no longer a problem. That’s exactly what our products achieve.

The Longest Lasting Deodorant Paste in Australia

Originally created for use in the armed forces, our natural deodorant paste is unlike any other on the market.

With regular use following our guidance, customers enjoy results that last between 3 and 15 days from a single application. And the best part? The longer that you use our natural deodorant paste, the longer the results will last.

Simply apply to the centre of your underarm after a shower to get your BO bacteria under control. It’s that easy. A waterproof deodorant, you can go about your water activities whether that be showering, swimming, surfing or other without worrying about cutting short the effects of the paste.

Eliminating Body Odour with Deodorant Paste Has Never Been More Affordable

When you buy deodorant paste online at Lavilin, you are getting the best in affordability. Just a single pot of our stick deodorant can last up to a year and produce better results than traditional alternatives. Gone are the monthly trips to the shops to restock on deodorant. Here at Lavilin, we have you covered.

Kind to the skin, our products can be used on even the most sensitive skin including those suffering from dermatitis and eczema. Don’t let your skin hold you back from smelling and feeling fresh. The natural ingredients in our aluminium free deodorants cater to all skin types.

And with our money back guarantee, you can see whether our deodorant paste works for you without risk. Simply make your purchase, use as instructed and if you don’t feel the benefit, get in touch to activate your guarantee. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Say Goodbye to Body Odour Forever Thanks To Natural Deodorant Paste

Are you ready to say goodbye to body odour? Of course you are. Browse our deodorant paste Australia collections today to get started. You won’t want to shop elsewhere again. Read Less