Collection: Foot Deodorant Cream

Our foot cream deodorant can give you a lasting confidence boost in seconds. Not only will you feel fresher than ever before, you’ll be maintaining healthy skin on your feet by choosing a product that doesn’t cause damage to the skin.

No More Knockouts: Lavilin Foot Deodorant Cream Will Keep You Fresh

You might have experienced the shame and embarrassment of turning up to someone’s house, taking your shoes off, and immediately stinking the room out. Foot odour may be perfectly natural, but it is avoidable, and some of us are choosing to do something about it. Perhaps you’ve heard of our best-selling foot cream for cracked heels – it’s a classic product that has helped thousands of people in Australia combat smelly feet. Now, we’re stepping it up with a fast-action version: Lavilin’s foot cream deodorant. Read More

It can be surprisingly hard to find Natural Foot Cream that is actually good for your skin and your pocket. Far too many deodorisers on the market are rich in aluminium, parabens and other unnatural irritants. That is why we have made it our mission to introduce a natural, herbal remedy that lasts far longer than your regular anti-odour product. Lavilin's aluminium free deodorant can last for an incredible 7 days, meaning one purchase can last months, even years if used with care. As one of the longest-lasting and fastest-acting natural creams on the market, Lavilin saves you bucketloads of time and money while keeping your skin fresh and healthy. You can let your feet breathe with confidence.

We Use Foot Deodorant Cream Ourselves, so we Know it Works!

Lavilin Total Odor Protection is brought to you by Livin Bio Balance, an Aussie-owned family business from NSW. We discovered Lavilin’s incredible protective properties while we were running a surf school in Madagascar; imagine how impressed we were when we noticed that our more, shall we say, perfumed family members came out of the salty water as fresh and protected as they were before jumping in! We’re proud to act as the sole distributor for Lavilin products in Australia, ensuring everyone has access to these life-changing products, such as our natural roll-on deodorant.

What About Natural Foot Cream For Sensitive Skin?

Thanks to its gentle herbal composition, our foot deodorant cream is proven to be effective on skin with dermatitis, eczema, and signs of stress. Users don’t have to worry about their skin condition being worsened by harsh chemicals, as many synthetic ingredients actually cause a rash and damage the protective outer layer of the skin. Lavilin is a gentle product, soothing the feet while providing up to 7 days of protection from odour.

Taking a Step in the Right Direction With Natural Foot Cream

Lavilin's natural deodorants in Australia products don’t interfere with the body’s natural fluid exchange system, so you can still sweat out those toxins without the risk of building a smelly reputation. Your body, and your friends, will thank you for making this change. Read Less