Aluminium Free Deodorant For Men

If you’ve ever experienced itchy and dry underarms, rashes or breakouts after applying product onto your skin, it’s probably time you considered switching to a healthy no aluminium deodorant. Read More

Aluminium Free Deodorant Mens: Odour Protection, Boosted

More men are paying close attention to their health than ever before, and although it may seem trivial at first glance, the type of deodorant you’re using does matter. When you’re looking for a no aluminium deodorant that’s also free of parabens, Lavilin is a true hero product. This herbal formula is safe to use on a huge variety of skin types, and the best part is: one application can last for up to a week! That includes showers and workouts!

The sensitive skin on your underarms can easily be damaged by harsh chemicals like parabens, sodium bicarbonate and BHT, making our natural formula an unbeatable ally in the war against discomfort, body odour, and embarrassment. As a carefully concocted paraben free mens deodorant cream, the formula uses the highest quality herbal ingredients around, our Lavilin deodorant is actually beneficial for your skin! It allows the natural sweating process to occur without blockages, so your body can breathe and release toxins as it is designed to, just without the smell! It’s free of animal testing, and can be found in a vegan formula as well. This is the aluminium free deodorant for men’s that groups across the globe should be raving about!

Aluminium Free Deodorant for Men, Tried and Tested From our Home to Yours

Lavilin's aluminium free deodorant for men products are available across Australia thanks to Livin Bio Balance, a family-run distribution company from NSW. We discovered the magical properties of Lavilin while running a surf school in the baking heat of the Madagascar coast. As dreamy as it sounds, this was physically active work in a very humid climate, which was causing a fairly smelly problem for some family members. You can imagine how impressed we were when Lavilin helped us stay smelling fresh and feeling confident for days at a time, between lessons in the water and our own workout routines!

Are There Really Health Benefits to Using Lavilin Paraben Free Men's Deodorant?

Honestly, this product goes far beyond just being an aluminium free deodorant for men. Sensitive underarms are a very common problem, and it comes as no surprise considering how many harsh chemicals can be found in your common deodorants. This experience is so much more intense for people suffering from conditions such as dermatitis and eczema, so we’ve made sure our non-aluminium deodorant cream is the perfect option for anyone who needs to take a softer approach to their odour protection. Ingredients like castor oil, arnica and vitamin E leave the skin feeling strong and help to defend the protective acid layer of the skin while eliminating unpleasant odours from the body’s natural detox process.

Lavilin: You Can Have Confidence From Head to Toe Using Men's Aluminium Free Deodorant

It's totally normal for your body to sweat; in fact, we encourage it! Lavilin's deodorant paste helps your body do exactly what it needs to do without greasy marks, discomfort, or contributing to landfill with unnecessary plastics. Because it lasts for so long, you can make a single tub of natural roll on deodorant last months, even a year depending on how often you need it! Lavilin is the future of odour protection. Why be the last to give it a go? Read Less