Natural Body Wash

Lavilin began with an innovative natural deodorant cream that staves off smelly pits even with an active lifestyle for up to a week Read More.

On the Hunt for Naturally-Derived Body Wash That Hits Body Odour Hard?

The cream was first developed in the midst of wartime to prevent odours from the soldiers all packed in together. Now we all live such busy lives with hotter summers, it’s more useful than ever. Sweating is an important bodily function that brings your temperature down and helps release toxins so rather than stop it completely, our brilliant formula targets the bacteria that creates the odour. Our customers were raving over how little they had to use and how well it worked. Lavilin decided to infuse our incredible aluminium free deodorant formula into a range of products including naturally-derived body wash with nourishing ingredients to care for your skin all-over. This means you can step out confidently smelling clean and fresh throughout the day.

All Naturally-Derived Body Wash Means no Irritation

Have you ever used a new body wash only to find that your skin feels dry and itchy afterwards? Or worse, you get reddened skin and irritation? If so, you’re probably sensitive to parabens and using them more than you think. More and more cosmetic products are now packed with parabens even though they dry out the skin and many people react to them. This is simply because they’re a cheap way to bulk out products like body washes. Here at Lavilin, we offer paraben free deodorant in Australia.

If you want to look after your skin, it’s important to choose a naturally-derived body wash with nourishing ingredients to care for your skin all-over. We offer body wash, body scrub and intimate wash that cleanses, nourishes and moisturises, while providing a total odour solution for your entire body. Instead of nasty parabens or aluminium, our products contain powerful natural ingredients like Brazil nut oil which nourishes and probiotics which protect against environmental stress damage. Your skin will thank you for using our natural body washes in Australia and you’ll feel confident knowing you’re controlling your body odour from head to toe. As our all natural body washes aren’t packed with unnecessary fillers, you’ll also only need to use a small amount so our products, such as our natural roll-on deodorant, will last far longer than you’re used to those from our competitors.

Use the Best Natural Body Wash for Smooth Soft Skin

Our all-natural body washes will keep you odour-free from head to toe, we have sweat glands all over our body so lathering up in the shower is the best way to target them all. We also have an option for when you need a gentle exfoliation too. Our deodorant natural body wash provides soft exfoliation and is combined with nourishing oils to protect the skin. You may have found that other cheaper exfoliants made your skin feel itchy and dry. This is because they’re packed with harsh ingredients that remove your body’s natural oils along with dead skin. This is your skin’s protective barrier and removing it can make you vulnerable to irritation, breakouts, and red patches. Removing this barrier also leaves your skin more prone to damage from outside sources such as pollution and UV light from the sun.

Nobody wants their skin to age prematurely just because they picked the wrong exfoliant! As with all our products, our body wash is filled with healthy natural ingredients which nourish the skin. Active ingredients such as brazil nut oil will put back any moisture the exfoliants remove. It is important not to overuse any body wash as this could damage your skin even with a natural product. With correct use, our body wash keeps your skin’s delicate moisture balances intact while keeping your pores unclogged, your skin smooth, and your body odour in check. This is the trifecta that means we’re sure we provide the best natural body wash to Australia.

Lavilin are on a Mission to Provide Natural Body Wash to Australia

Livin Bio Balance Pty Limited are proud to be the sole distributor of Lavilin within Australia. We started off as fans of the products when we found them on our hunt for something to tackle some serious body odour coming off one of our founders. We soon realised there was nothing else like it on the market and we had to bring it to Australia. We contacted Lavilin and now we provide their herbal body wash and all their other incredible deodorant for sensitive skin products in the Total Odour Protection range for a total odour solution from head to toe.

Now is the perfect time to fill up a basket of natural body wash on our site as we offer free shipping to Australia and New Zealand. If that’s not enough to convince you, how about our 30-day money-back guarantee so you can buy risk-free? Read Less