Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

Instead of reaching for the same drying, itchy synthetic formula, why not experience true freshness and confidence that lasts with our outstanding deodorant for sensitive skin formular from Lavilin – tried and tested by us, and clinically proven to last up to a week including showers! Read More

Lavilin: The Deodorant For Sensitive Skin Australia Has Been Waiting For

Today’s world is more health-conscious than ever, so you need an all natural deodorant in Australia that can keep up with the demands of an active work week and regular workouts. With this deodorant for sensitive skin in Australia, your body is allowed to breathe naturally, just as it is designed to, while gentle herbal ingredients soothe areas prone to rashes and discomfort. It’s foolproof odour protection that lasts.

When you really take a look at the contents of your average high street deodorant, it can be quite a shock to the system. Are millions of people worldwide really putting harsh chemicals like ethanol, BHT and aluminium on their skin daily? The hunt for a natural body odor wash alternative that actually works can be pretty tough, but thankfully, distributors like ours are making it possible for people suffering with rashes and itchy underarms to purchase deodorant for sensitive skin in Australia, and Lavilin is top of the list. Totally waterproof and fragrance free, this formula fits right in with the dreamy Aussie lifestyle. You can apply the deodorant stick, take a dip in the water, and wear your favourite fragrance. It stays put and ensures you stay confident all day long.

We Use Deodorant for Sensitive Skin Ourselves, so we Know it Works!

Lavilin is undeniably, a hero product. It’s available in Australia thanks to Livin Bio Balance, the sole distributor of this life-changing hygiene product. As a family, we found out about Lavilin while operating a surf school on the hot and humid Madagascar coast. As you can imagine, the physically demanding work combined with a humid climate, resulted in a fairly stinky problem for some of our more pungent family members! Lavilin made our way of life possible. We could run lessons for hours and the product wouldn’t budge, and we smelled fresh for days at a time with no discomfort, rashes, or dry underarms. It’s hard to find a natural sensitive skin deodorant with this kind of staying power, so we decided it was too good to keep to ourselves! Why not grab a sample and see what Lavilin can do for you?

Looking to buy Deodorant For Sensitive Skin online?

We’ve got you covered. Our deodorant for sensitive skin is available in a range of formulas including men, women, sport, and vegan, Lavilin is truly the ideal sensitive skin deodorant for everyone. This includes people with extra sensitive skin and those who suffer from conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis – it would be unfair to leave some people out! Because these products are made with natural, herbal ingredients like vitamin E, castor oil, chamomile and arnica extract, it is extremely kind to delicate skin, and actually protects the vital acid layer of the underarm, allowing toxins to be purged from the body as part of its natural process. Sweating is good for you, so we help it happen naturally, just minus the odour! Using Lavilin's natural deodorant paste means making a healthier choice for the sensitive parts of your body, and working to protect your skin while boosting your confidence. With our magic product lasting months, even up to a year per container, even your purse will thank you! It’s definitely a win-win. Read Less