Paraben Free Body Wash

Our body odor wash contain no aluminium, parabens, or ethanol alcohol so they can be used by anyone, even those with sensitive skin or pregnant women. Read More

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At Lavilin, we have a range of natural, skin-friendly products that protect against odour. All our products are infused with our miracle deodorant formula which controls the bacteria responsible for odour. This aluminium free deodorant formula was invented during WW2 for soldiers, and by targeting the bacteria it leaves your body to still sweat as that’s an important normal function. Many years later it’s still the best choice, and by infusing it into our paraben free body washes with other natural ingredients you get the confidence of knowing you smell great all over. They offer protection against odour for long periods, even for those with busy lifestyles or taking part in active sports.

Lavilin Provide All Natural Body Wash: Because Your Skin Deserves Better

Parabens have become a very common ingredient in all cosmetics. They’re there as a preservative and they’re cheap and effective so they’re widely used without too much thought given to the consumer. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for those with sensitive skin to be irritated by parabens, and they may even develop the painful condition and contact dermatitis. The science behind parabens is inconclusive when it comes to long-term use in humans, but there are indications that they may interrupt our hormones or even be carcinogenic. There’s also some evidence that they might be seeping into the sea and hurting marine life. Our customers don’t want to take the risk and prefer to use natural body wash in Australia.

So what do we use in our paraben free body wash instead? Instead of parabens we use a small amount of benzyl- the stuff that is found in teas and honey, to help preserve our herbal ingredients and make sure our products reach you at their best. This is not the kind of alcohol that dries out your skin, that’s ethanol alcohol, and it’s used in such small quantities that you won’t even know it’s there. Instead you’ll just get the great benefits from our all natural body wash products such as brazil nut oil as an anti-inflammatory and to lock in moisture, and probiotics to prevent environmental stress damage to your skin.

Natural Body Wash in Australia and Other Products That Last for Ages With Lavilin

At Livin Bio Balance Pty Limited we searched for a long time to find a natural deodorant paste that could deal with stubborn body odour. When we came across Lavilin we fell in love with their no aluminum deodorant products and are now proud to offer intimate wash and other products as their sole distributor in Australia. All the products are incredibly effective which means you only need to use small amounts at a time. This means they last much longer than products from other brands so they’re amazing value for money. Better yet, we offer free shipping in Australia and New Zealand, so what are you waiting for? Fill up a basket on our site today. Read Less