Men's Natural Deodorant

Gone are the days of feeling self-conscious of your body odour. With one simple application of our men’s natural deodorant, you’ll feel fresh for days. Read More

Stay Fresh the Whole Day Through With Men’s Natural Deodorant

We’ve all been there. Whether you have rushed to get to work on time, worked up a sweat at the gym, chased around the kids or had the nerves kick in on a first date, body odour always strikes at the worst time. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you had a natural deodorant for men that could provide freshness for up to 7 days with one application?

Here at Lavilin, that’s exactly what you get. With our deodorant cream, you’ll never have to worry about body odour again. BO occurs when sweat reacts with the bacteria on your skin. Our deodorants work to neutralise the odour that is emitted. An essential bodily function, your body is still able to sweat but it will no longer hold you back from going about your day.

Natural Ingredients in Your Men’s Deodorant That are Kind to the Skin

Have you ever considered the ingredients in conventional deodorants and the harm that they may be causing your skin? Most of these products contain harmful toxins and chemicals that can cause skin irritation and health issues with prolonged use. Switching to a natural men's deodorant in Australia eliminates this risk without compromising on quality. When you shop our range, you can rest assured that you won’t be exposed to aluminium, parabens, bicarb soda, magnesium hydroxide or other chemicals. Our ingredients list is filled with natural, herbal products that are kind to the skin.

And if you love our natural deodorant for men, why not check out our other collections? Providing a variety of natural products including natural dandruff shampoo's, spray deodorants, foot cream deodorants and more, it’ll be more than just your armpits that stay smelling fresh.

Nothing Compares to Our Natural Deodorant for Men

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best. In the move to a healthier lifestyle, we’re sure you’ve seen many adverts for men’s natural deodorant, and probably tried a few but were disappointed. Our society has realised that sweating is a vital bodily function that helps us flush out toxins as well as regulate our temperature. For this reason, many now no longer want an antiperspirant packed with those nasty ingredients we’ve mentioned which stop the sweating function altogether. Many other natural brands have removed the aluminium but not put thought into what can replace it so you don’t get odour protection that even lasts a day, let alone a week. When you buy the best natural men’s deodorant in Australia from us you benefit from a tried and tested formula. It was first used during wartime when men were packed together in small spaces, so it’s not just a recent fad like some other brands. We are big fans of Lavilin as we use it ourselves and we’ve even tried it successfully on our teenagers, which we’re sure you know is the ultimate test! The product works rebalancing the bacteria which live on your delicate armpit skin. The whiffy bacteria that actually causes the odour is eliminated and you’re free to go about your day smelling fresh but still sweating as you naturally should. So when you need men’s natural deodorant in Australia why go anywhere else?

The Longest Lasting Natural Mens Deodorant in Australia

We are passionate about delivering the best natural deodorant to our customers. A good deodorant is no use if you have to reapply multiple times a day which is why we pride ourselves on the longevity of our aluminium free deodorants. Our customers have seen results last from 3 to 15 days and the best thing? The longer you use our men’s natural deodorant, the longer the results last.

When you buy men's natural deodorant online, it's n affordable option, a little goes a long way. One tub can last up to a year if used as directed. And you won’t have to worry about reapplying after contact with water. Our men’s organic deodorant is waterproof so will even last throughout your showers, pool days and surf trips.

With our money back guarantee, you are covered in the rare instance that you cannot benefit from our products. Simply try as instructed for 30 days and if you have no luck, get in touch. So you really have nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain.

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Gone are the days of feeling self-conscious of your body odour. With one simple application of our deodorant stick, you’ll feel fresh for days. How long will our deodorant cream last for you? There’s only one way to find out! Browse our collections today. Read Less