Women's Natural Deodorant

Don’t spend your days wishing you could eliminate body odour. Shop our women’s natural deodorant and make that wish come true. We promise you won’t look back! Read More

Your New Favourite Women’s Natural Deodorant

Are you looking for deodorant you can roll on? Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Lavilin, your new favourite supplier of women’s natural deodorant. Whether you are an advocate for natural deodorant or just making the switch, we have products that you’ll love. Using a deodorant that is free from harmful chemicals is a great benefit to your health.

Highly effective and long lasting, our aluminium-free deodorants provide real results while remaining kind to the skin. Sounds great doesn’t it? Say goodbye to sweaty pits and hello to freshness that will last. Whether you are heading for an important meeting at work, off to a sports class, running around after the children or simply socialising with friends, there is never a good time for body odour. And as a woman, it can feel like you’re under even more pressure to smell great all the time. When you shop our women’s natural deodorant range, you won’t struggle with unpleasant smells again.

Discover the Benefits of Women’s Natural Deodorant

So what make Lavilin deodorant so great? Let us tell you our favourite benefits:


Have you seen the ingredients in conventional deodorants? Most of us wouldn’t consider the chemicals in the ingredients list. Switching to a Lavilin deodorant ensures that your body is not subject to aluminium, parabens, bicarb soda or magnesium hydroxide. We use only gentle natural, herbal ingredients and guarantee better.


We offer some of the longest lasting natural deodorants australia in the country. Providing results for between 3 and 15 days, you’ll no longer have to worry about rushing out the door and forgetting to apply your deodorant. And the best thing? The longer you use our products, the longer the results will last.


How many times a year do you find yourself replacing your deodorant? With our range here at Lavilin, you’ll only need to replace it once. That’s right, our deodorant can easily last up to a year, making it a very affordable choice.


We’ve all experienced the discomfort and irritation caused by deodorants. When you shop our range, you can rest assured that you are subjecting your skin to only natural, gentle ingredients. Even if you suffer from skin sensitivities such as dermatitis and eczema, you’ll be able to use our deodorants without worry.

Our Natural Women’s Deodorant Collections Don’t Stop There

If you are loving our all-natural deodorant for women, why not check out our other products? It’s not just your armpits that can emit body odour when you sweat. From natural dandruff shampoo to all-natural body wash, natural deodorant cream to sprays and wipes, we have everything you need.

Buy Womens Natural Deodorant Online Today

Don’t spend your days wishing you could eliminate body odour. Shop our women’s natural deodorant and make that wish come true. We promise you won’t look back! And with our 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Live your days free from body odour or get your money back. So what are you waiting for? Browse our collections to get started. Read Less