Deodorant Natural Spray

Are you looking for a organic spray deodorant that you can trust? One that will prevent body odour, no matter how much you may be sweating? Then you have come to the right place. Once you have tried our deodorant natural spray, you won’t look elsewhere again. Read More

A Natural Deodorant Spray That You Can Trust

Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle, are constantly running around after your kids or simply just want to feel fresh the whole day through, we have you covered. Offering a range of aluminium free deodorant products that are affordable, effective and long lasting, you can find the perfect deodorant to add to your hygiene routine.

Natural Deodorant Spray. Don’t Let Body Odour Hold You Back

When you are out and enjoying your life, the last thing you want to notice is the often unpleasant smell of body odour. With Lavilin by your side, this will never be a problem. Our natural spray deodorant will ensure that you get through the day and night without worry. With results lasting up to 15 days with the regular application of our products, you’ve found your new favourite deodorant store.

Body odour has a habit of striking at the worst time - when you’re rushing to get to the office, as you’re preparing for a date, when you’re in the middle of a game, or heading to meet friends and family. But rest assured that it can be a thing of the past with our spray on deodorants.

Say Goodbye to Irritation and Clogged Pores With a Deodorant Natural Spray

Natural deodorant sprays offer a range of health benefits that traditional products just can’t compete with. Sweating is an essential bodily function that helps to regulate body temperature so it’s important to let your underarms sweat as they need. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept body odour alongside. Our natural deodorant works to neutralise the odour emitted when sweat reacts with the bacteria on your skin while allowing you to sweat as needed.

Our Natural deodorants in Australia don’t contain any aluminium, parabens, magnesium hydroxide, alcohol and other potentially harmful toxins. We stay away from harsh chemicals so you can rest assured that our deodorant pastes are gentle on the skin. Even those with skin sensitivities such as eczema and dermatitis can use our products without worry. Unlike some store alternatives, you aren’t at risk of irritation, skin damage or clogged pores, even with regular use.

If You’re Used to a Deodorant Natural Spray You Don’t Have to Swap

While we’re most known for our industry-leading deodorant cream, we understand that most antiperspirants that have been used for years are sprays. If you’re just now changing over to all-natural deodorant swapping the way you apply it too may be jarring, and it can seem strange to trust a product will keep you odour-free for days when you’re used to re-applying every day. This is why we worked hard to formulate a hard-hitting natural deodorant spray. Like all our other products it’s effective and long-lasting and packed with ingredients that look after your skin instead of drying it out. If you’re used to keeping a spray in your gym bag or carrying one round in your handbag this way you still can but we bet you won’t feel the need to use it as much as others you’ve swapped from once you get used to it.

At first, it may seem like our natural deodorant spray isn’t effective if you’ve been using aluminium-based products. This is because your skin will need to rebalance the bacteria that the aluminium salts have been killing off, plus unclog those sweat ducts before it can begin the normal sweating function again. During this adjustment process, you may find you’re sweating more but your body will figure out the balance again, usually after a couple of weeks. Sweating is one way our body removes toxins so while you may not be used to it if you’ve been using antiperspirants, rest assured sweating is normal and healthy. Our clever products preserve this important function but remove the embarrassing odour.

Shop Our Range of Natural Spray Deodorants Today

Your hunt for an affordable, long lasting and effective deodorant natural spray ends today. The best place to buy a natural deodorant spray in Australia is right here at Lavilin. At the forefront of the industry, our products won’t let you down. With a range of other products including shampoos, body washes, wipes and even foot deodorant, never again will you have to worry about body odour holding you back.

And with our money back guarantee, you can try our products without risk. Simply make your purchase, use as instructed and if you aren’t benefiting from our deodorants, get in touch.

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