Natural deodorants. Are They All The Same?

Natural deodorants. Are They All The Same?

Natural Deodorants. Are They All The Same?

The short answer is no they’re not. There are seemingly endless options now if you’re looking for a natural aluminium-free deodorant and it’s important to do your research. First of all, why are people moving away from traditional aluminium deodorants? Well, aluminium is a harsh ingredient that blocks your sweat glands, cutting off a vital process that detoxifies your body and regulates your temperature. It is also common for it to cause irritation leading to itchy armpits or even a rash. Aluminium salts also kill off those good non-odour causing varieties of bacteria on the surface of your skin and actually favour those types that product the stink, making you more and more dependent on them. In addition to that, there’s still research being done but scientists are speaking out about how aluminium can build up in the body and have potentially dangerous results such as increased cancer rates. So switching to a non-aluminium deodorant looks like the smart choice for your body.

When investigating natural deodorants, a big consideration is how you want to apply it. If you’ve been using traditional antiperspirants you’re probably used to just spraying and going. It is possible to find a natural spray deodorant but they’re less common so you’re probably going to be using a roller or a cream. A roller will be similar to a spray and likely need to be applied more often than a cream. If you choose a cream option, the good news is that, depending on the brand, natural deodorant creams can last for several days before you need to reapply. This means they may be more expensive initially but will last for so much longer than a standard can of spray, a jar of Lavilin lasts up to a year, so is more economical in the long run. Choosing an aluminum free deodorant cream in Australia is also likely the wisest choice if you have underarm hair. We’re over shaming anyone for what they choose to do with their natural hair, but a 2015 study showed that men having underarm hair reduced the effectiveness of soap and water to remove body odour. Hair also provides a barrier that can prevent the product from reaching the skin for full effectiveness. So if you’re letting your hair flow free, and again no shame whether you do or not, a cream is the best way to get through the hair and to the skin where it can do its thing.

Although they are usually aluminium-free, it is still possible to experience irritation from a natural deodorant. Some still use alcohol which will dry out your skin, or magnesium hydroxide or bicarbonate of soda which can alter some people’s pH and cause itching and a rash, plus long term damage to the skin’s protective acid mantle. If you know your skin is sensitive, it’s a good idea to look for hypoallergenic options and get a sample to try before investing in a full-size product. Also, if you do experience irritation, gently wash the product off and stop using it straightaway or the reaction could get worse. Doing a patch test on your inside wrist first before applying to your delicate armpits can help avoid this. Also leaving a few days between applying new products so as not to have a cocktail effect of products on the skin.

How to Transition to a Deodorant Without Aluminium

If you’ve been using traditional antiperspirants for a long time there will sometimes be an adjustment when you switch to a natural product. Instead of stopping your sweat, an aluminium free deodorant in Australia will target the bacteria that cause odour. Aluminium salts have been found to kill off the good species of non-odour-causing bacteria, so once the sweat is allowed to flow naturally again, those stinky bacteria have quite the party. Also, as your sweat ducts enjoy not being blocked anymore it can seem like you’re sweating more than ever. This will calm down as your body adjusts and is able to function as it naturally does. If possible, having a detox period first for a few days using no deodorant products at all will help. This rest time for your skin allows for the buildup of a previous deodorant to wear off, plus allows for the microbiome to begin to rebalance and the good non-odour causing varieties of bacteria to start coming back. Then start up with your new aluminium-free deodorant, and once you’ve adjusted, we’re sure you’ll never go back.

Why You Should Choose our Paraben Free Deodorant in Australia

Lavilin ticks all the boxes we’ve discussed here. It’s a hypoallergenic pareben free deodorant cream and one application lasts up to a week. We’ve also infused it in other products such as shampoo and intimate wash so you can fight odour-causing bacteria from head to toe. We sell samples so you can make sure it suits you before buying a full-sized pot, although it works for the vast majority of our customers so you’ve got a very good shot! Did you know that it’s the aluminium reacting with sweat that causes yellowy pit stains on your clothes? So without the aluminium and without sloppy, gloopy oils, if you swap to Lavilin your skin and clothes will thank you. At Livin Bio Balance Pty Limited, we’re the sole distributor of Lavilin in Australia because we use it ourselves and believe in its brilliance. To try it for yourself click here to go to our shop and fill a virtual basket.

Why avoid commercial deodorants:

  • Full of harmful chemicals
  • Tend to contain aluminium (linked to Alzeimer’s Disease & Breast Cancer)
  • Leave you with yellow underarm stains
  • Masks your pheromones
  • Lasts less than a day

Why choose Lavilin:

  • Allows for pheromones to be free
  • Lasts up to 7 days with one application
  • One tub lasts up to a year
  • No yellow pit stains
  • Cruelty free
  • No nasties
  • Lasts longer than any other commercial deodorant
  • You can put it to the test and test a FREE sample!
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