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Lavilin is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. Proving to be effective on sensitive skin with dermatitis and eczema. This herbal deodorant is kind to your body and stops body odour for days. Lavilin is available in five kinds: The vegan version is perfume-free and dairy-free. The difference in fragrance between women, men, sport and foot variations is subtle with the foot and sport cream being slightly stronger and the women’s smells the mildest. Anyone can use either products.

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  • Clinically proven military-grade deodorant
  • The naturally-based cream formula has fast-acting herbal and probiotic ingredients
  • Contains Vitamin E, Zinc and castor seed oil – for sensitive skin and kind to your body. See detailed ingredients list here
  • When reapplied instantly stops body odour.
  • Aluminium free, no harsh chemicals – no bicarb soda
  • Free from ethanol alcohol, parabens, Phthalates, BHT and petroleum jelly.
  • No greasy residue or staining clothes
  • Best applied at night after a shower
  • No animal testing is involved in any Lavilin products
  • Lavilin is such an effective formula that you only need a tiny dab in each armpit
  • Certified by ECOCERT certification for sustainable development GMP 22716:2007, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 13485:2003

What Have I Got to Lose? Just That Body Odour Funk

“I only have to put on deodorant once a week; no more suddenly realising that I have forgotten to put it on. I love that I don’t have to worry about running out of deodorant and I don’t have to keep rebuying so regularly…kinda in line with my secret wish to have a never-ending roll of toilet paper. I am using less packaging which is helping me in my efforts to be living a waste-free life”

“My son hit the stinks at age 14. I have never whiffed anything like it. He would spray himself with chemical deodorant but that didn’t last until lunchtime. This deodorant is the best because he only puts it on every four or five days which is about as often as I can get him to have a shower. Teenagers, man.”

“Well, I was dubious it would work that well in the humidity of where I live but I was wrong. This stuff is incredible. For me, it lasts six days which is awesome. Won’t go back to sprays.”

“I’m a plumber and always had the worst body odour. Eventually, it was my wife who put a pot of Lavilin next to my razor and gave me ‘the look’. So I dab it on after a shower on a Sunday night and I’m sweet smelling for the rest of the week. This stuff is a miracle.” 

The Lavilin Story

The Lavilin StoryLavilin is a military grade deodorant cream developed for army troops in World War II. After the war, the inventor perfected the formula and began his own company. 

Lavilin has been rigorously tested and stood the test of time over decades on the international market. However only now is Lavilin available locally from Lavilin Australia to all Aussies in five kinds: sport, women, men, vegan and foot.

Hi we are Kara and Pete, Central Coast NSW locals, who were after a solution for a certain someone with an absolute killer B.O. We discovered Lavilin, a herbal-based, probiotic enriched, aluminium free deodorant that targets bacteria, killing the pong of BO and leaving you smelling fresh for days.

Lavilin is a clinically proven multi-award-winning long-lasting deodorant. This waterproof wonder cream keeps the nasty bacteria away while nourishing skin with gentle herbal ingredients for up to 7 days straight. Yes, even through showers, swims and working out!

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